Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Friday, February 24, 2006

so the man in the walls woke me up three times last night in order to knock five times. each in a different place.

i hate going to sleep biting yourbottom lip (but not knowing it) and waking up feeling the indentations and wondering why it stings so badly.
the sun shines here almost all of the time.
which is so nice to have on your back.
my mother always sits at the kitchen table in the morning where the sun comes in. my mother makes me coffee.

a woman once asked me if i ever went outside because of my pale skin.
we were at the doctors office.
my art teacher at syracuse wrote down little notes next to our names so she could remember who we were. colleen vasey: porcelain.

my sisters birthday party is tonight. happy birthday to her (on sunday). My sister is really intelligent. im not such a great speaker, i stumble over my words. but she is very eloquent and funny.

i like to eat advil for breakfast with some coffee on the side.
i eat megs milano cookies.

i would sometimes like to be an english teacher so i could be the teacher who doesnt embarass students in front of other kids and have them just talk about things they notice ( i know its a romantic way of viewing it, but honestly, why cant i romanticize things? how i picture it is me reaching up really high on my tiptoes, the toes are still on the ground, but my body is reaching up and out.) but i think i could do it.

i sortof wish that if i just said "i want to be reaching high on my tiptoes" someone would understand without me having to explain it.
just one person.

"so colleen, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
*stands on tiptoes and stretches*
"i know exactly what you mean"