Saturday, May 31, 2008


I used to be so good at spending time alone.
it's harder than ever.
I think because i'm so dissatisfied with myself.
what to do with all of this time?

and less
and less.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

silly rabbit

silly rabbit 018
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"I need that sort of validation."-23

(don't lose yourself)

"i'm sorry i hurt you."-c

(don't let yourself be lost)

"So I really regret not being able to settle for being "OK", or things being nice between us, but that's just how I am."-23

"i just needed more time.
i'm selfish.
because i had all the time
and wasted it unknowingly,
mais c'est la vie."-c

hey mom,
winston isnt coming. just wanted to let you know.
long story short: it didn't end well.

but im okay,

((turning into something else. slowly. it takes time.))

Monday, May 05, 2008

"I think you can get third degree burns from that shit"
"from what shit. fires?"
"no. from boiling hot water"
"just from water?"
"no. the steam. the steam can burn your fingers."
"did that just happen?"
"it just did."
"did it hurt?"
"it hurt a lot."
"more than me and you?"
"i think so."
"i don't want to hurt you."
"i know."
"not even a little bit."
"i know."
"i love you."
"i know that too."
"do you?"
"i try to know that."
"you're trying?"

"i'm trying."