Sunday, November 30, 2008

complainer disclaimer

I feel very overwhelmed with all of the work I need to do in the next three weeks.
I know I can get it done, but having these things hang over my head is both frustrating and obnoxious.
It's also upsetting because I won't have very much time to see Tim, and he is one of the few things that makes me feel better and not so dragged down by everything.

i have to remind myself that i will have a month away from this obligation after these next 17 or so days.

i went to a wedding yesterday.
it was beautiful.
and then at the reception
I laughed a lot.

i just want to watch a movie with you.


i talked to sara on the phone just now.
she's stuck in the airport on delay.
it made me feel a little better because we
are feeling similar and she has a contagious laugh.

I think i'll go to sleep extrememly early,
and then wake up early in order to be more alive to do my work.
the c-brain functions better hyped up on coffee and cigarettes in the a.m.