Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Communication depends on the basic convention that participants are cooperating with one another, and that, therefore, what one person says to the other is likely to be relevant." pg 25 of Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction

So if i was to say, "do you like me?"
and you said, "the air feels heavier inbetween breaths."
and then i replied, " but the canaries are beautiful."
and you whispered "colleen, I only dance on wednesdays."

that wouldnt be communicating...

I just realized I already began moving again, like I predicted I would.

Friday, August 18, 2006

vee's birthday dance.

vee's birthday dance.
Originally uploaded by cievenn.

she turned 19 yesterday and we went off to the bug jar to celebrate after some icecream cones. I think dancing to celebrate was perfect.

(its my favorite thing to do, honestly. other than the wind at the pier which i miss and let's hope it keeps getting colder, because leaving my window wide open with a comforter couldn't be better.)

school starts in one week. and i met my roomate tonight! she is seventeen, cute, and very friendly. i think we will get along really fine and so i feel good about this school thing...here i come. right?

things will be okay.
because sunday is ME day!

and i have to start cleaning up this mess of a room, finish watching pride & prejudice & invite a girl over tomorrow to look through my giveaway clothes.

p.s. i actually have liked going o-u-t these past few days. you people! (i like you.) yesterday was nice seeing new & old familiar faces.

doubleP.s. The a/v space is having a garage sale early september. And about two months ago i asked Joe if i could set up a sale there, and he said NO. and now he is having his own.

he didn't even say 'thanks for the idea girrrrl.'

Friday, August 04, 2006

i used to think i knew what i wanted, but that was when i thought there was a 'you.' And that whole feeling took over my body and my mind and for weeks straight it was all i could think of.

and even though it stirred something inside of me, it just doesn't seem so important as it did then. i don't ache for it or even really think so much about it. maybe this is my fault, maybe things just happen. Fannie price says ' it could have happened any other way, but it didnt.'

but now, it's worth a fight to figure out what really is important. And although i may feel clumsy,awkward, and ugly about it, hopefully I can have faith in me, people, and god enough to figure this damned thing out.

and on the way, fix myself up a bit.