Friday, May 05, 2006

you know when you're trying really hard to feel good about just laying in bed for hours but then get the urge to go rifling through a closet and see what you can find. Maybe you're looking for a pair of red high heels, or maybe just looking for a large old shirt you can get into and just feel right. so anyway youre looking and you stumble upon some old photographs and they are of you and your sister when you were about 4 & 6 or maybe they are of your grandparents that passed away, or your cousin. And the three of you (sister, you, cousin) are grinning from ear to ear with red cheeks because you had just been in the snow.

and all of these photographs don't necessarily bring back memories but they bring on this feeling of calm and quiet Being.

kind of in awe of just being here, and kindof thinking that i'm a little bit lost.

hey magnolias, im in love with you.

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Anonymous said...

are the magnolias out? tell them i say hi, i know ill end up missing them...