Friday, September 22, 2006

my days feel so long, and i am alone in my room this weekend.
i need a notebook to write down things i hear other people say or for what i see, because i can hardly even remember yesterday unless i tell myself to.

i have a sunflower (shared.)
public market tomorrow afternoon.
the bus is free from here to rochester.

notebook, red peppers, better singing voice, to stop biting my nails because it hurts my teeth, musical instruments, to not feel llike i mess up all the time, to fall in love, to know why things happen (like science,) to be alone, to know when to stop talking, a healthy plant on my windowsill, to get an A in biology, to hug you really tight and say everything will be okay.

these boys who write songs that i listen to at night
"A History of Love"

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Anonymous said...

I've decided the only thing I enjoy doing anytime is singing. I don;t know what I am going to do with this new knowledge but we should sing together and actually make it happen this time.