Thursday, August 28, 2008

it's a quiet day.
raining softly. i wanted to say the rain seems smaller today. i feel small today.
a whisper of an afternoon.
you know when you don't feel like you could possibly laugh,
and when you do it's surprising and doesnt seem like it belongs to you.

i think part of the reason why i don't like coming back to school
is that it somehow tends to make me feel inadequate. points out the flaws that i have and makes the ones i already knew i had seem more pronounced. it's frustrating and self-absorbed, but not a hollow feeling, which in a way is better i guess. it's not nothing.

but it's also good to be back.
here in this house
with the girls that were sorely missed when i was back at home.
and i do learn something new every day even if it cant be expressed in words.
every single person can teach you something
i honestly believe that
even if it's how not to be an asshole.

i teach my first class tomorrow.

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