Saturday, January 10, 2009

i feel sad and tired.
i've been having a hard time with myself for the past few d(alw)ays
and having
really odd dreams,
sometimes I'm able to pinpoint where the thoughts may have come from,
i guess i understand a few reasons as to why.

feeling anxious over going back to school and being stuck for four & 1/2 months. and yes, i guess in a way i am taking it for granted in this moment, but it's in my head and body and i can't change it right now. Happiness isn'tthe yellow house in the winter.

I want to go to this someday, I've wanted to for a long time now.


Kelley said...

I quite often wish that you and I were still friends..

This Modern Love said...

"They're so many colours without the dirty windows."

It takes forever but it was quite nice making it through the long winter.
keep your head in the game, scout.