Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the lights went out today for a few hours.
it's funny when no electricity is a novelty.
i sat and read by the daylight.
when it got too dark
i sat and looked out the window.
i thought about writing down how i was
feeling, but instead i just thought it.
more often than not i don't write it down
i just create sentences in my head of what it is, how things are,
how i think they should be (obviously imagined)
but then i think, this is how everything should be.
i have gotten over a few things in the past
days here mostly alone.
i have crossed things out and marked them off my list.

i stepped on a snail today.
i was singing walking in the parking lot
and heard a crunch.
i smashed a snail,
and wanted to throw up.

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