Saturday, June 20, 2009

i like to consider these my audition photos for a B-movie about
a cocaine-addicted ex-child star who grows up and must live
on the streets. the ending of course will be uplifting and hea
rtwarming as i overcome
obstacles no one thought i could . i will show THEM, i say. because as we all know,
ITS THAT EASY! all i have to do is decide to change and it happens, as i chase the American Dream
through the gutters of new york city.

a few scenes will pay homage to Whatever Happene
d to Baby Jane.

and i will also fall in love of course;
i will push my partner away multiple times,
but then come to realize that everybody needs somebody
and no one wants to die alone.

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Anonymous said...

You have a good imagination station. I like coming up with movie ideas as well. My friend Seth and I thought of one while driving to Ithaca last summer. It's called Danson on your Grave. It's a long story, and it will star Ted Danson, Denzel Danson(they're married) and Wilford Brimley as the grave digger. There's also a sequel in the works: Danson on Your Grave 2:Dirty Danson.
bloggily yours,