Thursday, March 02, 2006

wouldnt it be great if everyone was more comfortable with saying "you are beautiful" or "what you just said was perfect." sometimes i want to send messages saying "you are pretty, do you mind if i add you as a friend so i can look at more photographs of you?" why not? faces and bodies are so interesting. can i walk up to a girl or boy and say "your lips/arms/the way you move your feet are/is perfect" without someone thinking of it as oddly sexual, but rather just observing and commenting.
but usually i say "that scarf is cute, or that shirt is nice" but really i mean "your neck looks gorgeous in that scarf, or that shirt fits your body just right and makes your eyes look very blue"
i may just fall in love with the next someone who walks up to me and says "i really like the spot between your nose and your mouth"


meg said...

I feel the same way. Yesterday I complimented someone's pinky nail. They complimented my observational skills. Which I guess is better than being totally weirded out.

meg said...

P.S. glad you liked the band. I am addicted