Monday, March 06, 2006


i was thinking about the ways we check up on each other. and i think it is either associated with:
- attraction/interest
-genuine caring for the person or
but what it REALLY comes down to i think, is that by checking, the person is just wanting to find any hint of whether Girl A still thinks about them, or loves him/her in whatever way she chooses to love.

even if it's quick-pick-up-the-phone-dial-hang-up-the-person- calls-back-you-don't-pick-up.
It shows that they still care.

little messages.
in what ever way i/you choose to love.

i'm not one for correct punctuation.
wish i was (were?).
cursive f gramme(a?)r.
honestly. Did i miss that lesson?

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thebeav said...

i wish i could log in as a "different user" and leave incredible comments