Friday, August 18, 2006

vee's birthday dance.

vee's birthday dance.
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she turned 19 yesterday and we went off to the bug jar to celebrate after some icecream cones. I think dancing to celebrate was perfect.

(its my favorite thing to do, honestly. other than the wind at the pier which i miss and let's hope it keeps getting colder, because leaving my window wide open with a comforter couldn't be better.)

school starts in one week. and i met my roomate tonight! she is seventeen, cute, and very friendly. i think we will get along really fine and so i feel good about this school i come. right?

things will be okay.
because sunday is ME day!

and i have to start cleaning up this mess of a room, finish watching pride & prejudice & invite a girl over tomorrow to look through my giveaway clothes.

p.s. i actually have liked going o-u-t these past few days. you people! (i like you.) yesterday was nice seeing new & old familiar faces.

doubleP.s. The a/v space is having a garage sale early september. And about two months ago i asked Joe if i could set up a sale there, and he said NO. and now he is having his own.

he didn't even say 'thanks for the idea girrrrl.'

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Anonymous said...

oh loveface thankyou for celebrating my birthday with me 3 nights almost in a row. i've been up since 3:30am, i can't sleep. explosionsinthesky. nerves or something. i move in my apartment in a few hours by myself. i'll call you soon. i know everything will be fine at your new school. new facesplacesandthings aren't too bad right? nope.