Tuesday, June 03, 2008

attic show.

Dasha played in Syracuse the other night.
everyone was friendly and seemed like they actually wanted to be there.
it was hot and we were all shaky from too much coffee and drenched in sweat by the time we finished playing. but it was so close to perfect.

wish this could happen more often.

i feel pretty okay right now.
i'm trying to let the high from this show keep me going at least for a few days, ie: sun--------------------->wed. or thursday.

there are things i need to do.

1)drink more rums & cokes
2) find a job
3) sell old and too sexy clothes
4) 'unholy mess of a girl '= laundry
5) paint anything.
6) dream about being pippi longstocking ( chk.)
7) finish dasha song-'how do we get out of this place?'
8) try not to lose my mind. or rather, hold on tight to little pieces of it.
9) blend orange juice with ice and drink it. possibly add champagne.

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