Thursday, July 31, 2008

read this.

"what is the what" by dave eggers
is absolutely amazing & heartbreaking-
it's one of those where it's so hard to believe
because of how safe we are here- so disconnected from
war and yet we know it's all true.

the novel is about Valentino Achak Deng's life during the war in sudan as a young boy and the group of boys he traveled with across sudan to ethiopia
(called the Lost boys)

this website talks about eggers' trip to sudan with
Valentino Achak Deng among other things
(also all of the proceeds of the book go to a foundation in Sudan
to help provide educational opportunities)

also, coincidentally, i watched a documentary on some of the
children that were abducted by the rebel forces in sudan and forced to join.
the stories were horrific, and the children were so strong.
there was this one really beautiful part where the
youngest of the boys they were following in the documentary started singing a hymn
that he had learned from other prisoners. i couldn't stop crying. i wanted to grab him and kiss him on the forehead and never let go.

we have no idea. we can never fully understand.


cherylboberyl said...

i almost bought that at a bookstore the other day.

also, i miss you.

This Modern Love said...

I gave that book to my cousin almost a year ago to this day.

move to new york
teach children
live with me
I will give you two clove cigarettes a day. (like the old days)