Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i'm going to start writing every day. Dave Kelly said I should try it. Sitting down at the same time for an hour, and if nothing is there, then so be it. But if there is something, write it down. I already know i'm fooling myself. but perhaps, i can at least try.
i wish i had a typewriter that worked. my grandparents old one ran out of ink, and i don't know how to find ribbon that fits.
Dave had a mechanical typewriter, and they removed it from his office for an electronic one, then for a computer. He was pissed.
My nana used the typewriter, i think when her hands got too shaky to write anymore- or maybe she just liked the way it felt, maybe it reminded her of younger times. they ended up getting a computer too, I'm not sure how much they used it. It was in the little room next to the coat rack where my grandfathers old hat still hung when we went to clean out their house.

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