Saturday, December 06, 2008

what just happened.

Sitting at my desk writing and i hear someone going through the bottles in the hallway.
I immediately think it's some person trying to collect the bottles for money.
I wonder what's going on and look out the window, to see a man standing at my window. But i can only see his gloves because my window is right at the doorway.
He just stands there and I think he sees me because he doesn't move.
then he walks around and stands in front of my other window that leads onto the porch.
so i think he's trying to see me inside.

i go sit in my bathroom for a few minutes because there are no windows, meanwhile having a panic attack.
get courage to talk to fiona on the computer.

spondullicks: oh god. i think someone was trying to take the bottles int he hallway
spondullicks: that was so scary
spondullicks: and i was wondering what was going on
spondullicks: and looked out the window
spondullicks: and then he saw me
spondullicks: and then walked around the porch to see if he could see me in the house
spondullicks: holy fuck
spondullicks: i dont care if he takes them but jesus.
spondullicks: that freaked the fuck out of me
spondullicks: maybe i should leave a note.
spondullicks: how did he know the bottles were in here?
spondullicks: maybe it was someone from the landlord....ugh.


spondullicks: oh god. i think it was.

look outside again.
and guess what?

it's the guy that does the work for the house.
he was getting a RAKE from the cabinet in the hallway- which explains the bottle noises.
and he probably stood on the porch looking around because it is so messy with other bottles and a turned over ashtray.

THIS is what imagination can do in a five minute period.

I'm so awake now after that incident.

i'm also an idiot, obviously.

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