Tuesday, February 24, 2009

don't lose yourself.
because in this you can. it's easy?
and what is yourself anyway?
being with someone else?
it's the spill on the floor.
it's the smoke on your lips.
it's the period.
it's the dream you had last night.
it's the every day that you go through because
you think you will make some sort of difference.
it's the subway and looking at other people (imagined).
it's the writing.
it's the IMAGINED, the dreams.
it's the beauty, even though every thing seems ugly and disgusting.
it's you, even though it's not real.

it's doing this,
every day.
even if it's painful.
it's worth it.

i know it has to be.

(new order- your silent face)

I;m really horrible.
i need to do everyone a favor and
keep my mouth shut sometimes
or see:
all of the time

i have cramps.
no excuses.
last night.
no excuses.
get it together, girl.

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Anonymous said...

you're an inspiration.